Will my campaign spend or invoice charges ever be more than my daily budget?

Generally, once your budget has been reached, your content will no longer be distributed to our network of publisher sites. However, a reader can still click on your content that was served prior to the budget being reached. As a result, you may be charged up to 20% more than your budget for clicks delivered during this time.

The Campaigns dashboard will show the amount spent broken down by day or month. This can be customized to reflect specific date ranges and campaigns.
If you have a daily budget at a $20 rate, and your campaign reaches this maximum daily amount, the system will stop your campaign from running on our network until the next day. Your content, however, may continue to be displayed because it was served before the daily budget was capped.  As a result, if the actual daily spend is $26, you would only be charged $24, which represents the maximum daily budget of $20 plus $4 (20% of $20). Outbrain will provide the remainder of the clicks free of charge.


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