How can I optimize my CPC for a specific publisher section?

In addition to amplifying your content on some of the world’s most premium publishers, Outbrain allows you to maximize your exposure on specific publisher sections with custom CPC adjustments. You can reach engaged users with increased CPCs and a laser-focused campaign budget. 

*A publisher section is a category page within the publisher’s website. For example, CNN Money is a section within CNN, the publisher.*

There are two ways to make CPC adjustments: 

Optimizing Individual Sections
Optimizing Sections in Bulk

Optimizing Individual Sections

Select the specific campaign you wish to optimize from the campaign menu and click ‘By Section’ in the “By Publisher’ drop down. 

In the CPC adjustment column set a specific CPC, choosing a percentage higher or lower than the fixed campaign CPC. Sections that are not converting well can run with a lower CPC or, as a last resort, be excluded by clicking the button next to the section name. 

Optimizing Sections in Bulk

To modify multiple CPC adjustments at once, select “By Section” for a specific campaign and click “Export”. 

In the CPC Adjustment column of the Excel sheet, enter in the percentage that you wish to change the CPC to. For example, if you wanted to raise it by 5%, you would enter in “0.05” in the adjustment column. Similarly, to decrease the CPC by 5%, enter “-0.05”. Leave the cell blank for any sections you do not wish to alter. 

Save the file as a .csv and click “Import--CPC Adjustments” in the navigation bar above the graph.
A notice will pop up, confirming the changes have been made. 

Important to Note
  • CPC adjustments are made on the campaign level, for sections only. 
  • Write CPC adjustments as decimal points (0.02) when uploading changes in bulk.
  • A limit of 500 CPC adjustments can be made per campaign.
  • CPC adjustments will override any KPI Optimization preferences for a particular section.  
  • It is not recommended to reduce the CPC too significantly. Setting it 5-10% lower than the fixed CPC will ensure attention is driven to the highest performers.
  • This feature works best when focusing on the sections that are converting well and bringing in engaged traffic. 
  • To expand your reach, review previously excluded sections and re-include them with adjusted CPCs. 

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