How do I create a successful campaign?

We have to say, your first campaign looks marvelous! You’ve uploaded stellar content, set your budget and CPC and are now patiently waiting for the clicks to roll in. To get your campaign performing at its best and reaching the right audiences, we have provided a few pieces of advice below to help you remain competitive in our network. 

Add in content

Pump your campaigns with at least 6-8 headlines to start. While you can upload different pieces of content, it’s recommend to use one unique URL per campaign and create variations of it. Focusing your attention on a specific piece of content will allow you to A/B test easily and clearly compare results between campaigns. We've made it a cinch to add in multiple pieces of content with our Variations tool. Check out how to use it here. 

Set a competitive CPC

While our default recommended range for CPC falls between $0.52 and $1.74, you’ll want to set the value according to the device you wish to target. Use the guide below to find a comfortable range for your campaign:

Desktop Campaigns: $0.80-$1.00
Tablet Campaigns: $0.60-$0.80
Mobile Campaigns: $0.40-$0.60 

After the campaign has been live for a few days and is bringing in great results, you can begin to lower the CPC by a few cents at a time to stretch your original daily budget. 

Set a healthy campaign duration

Generally, it will take around 3 days or less for our system to amplify your campaign appropriately to your desired audience. Because of this, we recommend setting a campaign duration of at least 5 days, allowing you time to optimize the campaign after it has been explored in the network. 

Narrow in on geo-targets and devices

Our algorithms will do most of the heavy lifting, but you can help out by selecting specific regions and devices for each of your campaigns. This will help concentrate our system’s efforts and focus its attention on the most profitable locations and devices that are best for your content strategy. 

Overtime, you can optimize the campaign by making small tweaks such as decreasing the CPC, excluding publishers/sections and adding in more content that mirrors your top performers. Check out more of our helpful guides for first campaigns here

At any time, feel free to reach out to our support team if you would like to learn more on how to set your campaign up for success. 


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