How do I add the Outbrain Pixel to my Shopify platform?

Many of our marketers use Shopify in tandem with their Outbrain campaigns. To track conversions and optimize your campaigns effectively, we have provided a quick guide on how to set up the pixel within your Shopify account. 

For more information on why conversion tracking is important, check out this helpful article

Begin by contacting for your account-specific conversion pixel. Next, open up your Shopify Settings and head to the “Checkout” section.

Locate the “Additional scripts” section and paste in your pixel code. We recommend adding in a Conditional Statement {% if first_time_accessed %} before the pixel to ensure that the pixel only fires the first time the page is loaded. Otherwise, it may fire multiple conversions for the same order if the user refreshes the page. If you are using a conditional statement, don’t forget to close it out with {% endif %} at the very end.

We highly recommend testing your pixel before going live. When testing, make sure to clear your cookies or open up an incognito window to simulate a first time customer, otherwise it might not fire.

For more information on how to set up our pixel on Shopify, check out their great article on implementing conversion tracking. 

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