How can I exclude publishers in bulk?

You have optimized your campaigns and narrowed in on the sections and publishers that have brought in the most engaged traffic. Now, it's time to strategically exclude those that consume a majority of your budget but do not bring in a high return.

This is a powerful tool that can make or break the performance of your campaign. Blocking too many publishers or sources can cause a large enough decrease in traffic and halt your performance. We recommend blocking by section per campaign first to accurately monitor which sources are the least effective for your goals. Only block publishers on the account level as a last resort and only if the site is not driving results for any of your campaigns. 

While you can exclude publishers individually, you will also have the option to exclude in bulk. Either way, you can only block up to 30 publishers account-wide and 100 sections per campaign. When doing so, it is recommended to increase the CPC to counteract the loss in traffic sources. 

Begin by breaking out the data by publisher or section for a specific campaign and click the Export button.

An excel sheet will populate displaying the Section and Publisher ID of each site that has promoted your content. Create a separate sheet and copy over those you wish to exclude; save the updated sheet. *You will only need to copy over the Source IDs. All other columns can be deleted.*

Click on the Bulk Exclude button in your dashboard and upload the file. 

Success! If you run into any errors or have questions about this feature, feel free to reach out to our support team and we'll be happy to guide you along. You can also read more on how to integrate your Outbrain data with Google Analytics, to gain deeper insight into your content strategy efforts. 

Important To Note
  • The feature can only work if the file is a .csv
  • Keep the header row intact to avoid any errors
  • You will only be able to block 30 publishers account-wide, but you can block up to 100 sections per campaign


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