How do I change my campaign settings?

The Outbrain dashboard is completely customizable and each campaign can be updated at your leisure. In this article, we run through a few of the basic settings features which will help you optimize your campaigns in no time!
  1. Scheduling your campaign
  2. Setting a Start Time  
  3. Budgeting & CPC options
  4. Targeting Your Campaign

Click the pencil icon to the right of the campaign name you’d like to modify. This will open your Campaign Settings for editing.


You can adjust the end dates for your campaign flight and start time. 

Start Time

Outbrain will start to run the campaign at this hour on the first day of your campaign. For each day of the campaign, it will start running at the On Air Time hour until it hits the daily budget cap. If the daily budget hasn’t capped, Outbrain will continue to run your campaign until you’ve achieved your desired spend.
  • For this feature to work, the budget type must be set to either a Daily Budget or paced by Standard/Daily Target for campaign and monthly budgets. 

Budgeting & CPC

You may adjust both the amount that you're paying per day, per campaign, and also the cost-per-click, or CPC per that campaign. For any CPC adjustments, we always recommend making these incrementally and informed by performance data.

To get an idea of how many customers will view your content in our network, Reach Estimator take a look at the Reach Estimator in the right-hand sidebar. This tool will provide you with a 30-day potential reach and allow you to make smarter targeting decisions. When submitting a campaign or optimizing an existing one, you can determine if your potential reach is too broad or too specific, and make adjustments accordingly. 
Currently, the estimator takes Custom Audience segments, Geo-targeting (country-level only) and Platform Targeting into consideration. 

Audience Segments

If you have already set up Custom Audience segments, the option to add and/or exclude segments per campaign will show. Click into each segment box and add or exclude any segments previously created. Note that we recommend a minimum segment size of 100K users before targeting a campaign to a custom segment. 

Geo Targeting
Campaigns can be geo-targeted on the country, state, or U.S DMA/zip code level during the campaign creation process, or any time after. You may choose to geo-target your campaign if you want to ensure your content is being recommended to the most relevant audience, or if your market is based within a specific geography. Under the Targeting section, you can make the following selections:

Country Level Targeting: Type out the country name, and select from the options presented in the drop down menu.
State/Territory/Province Targeting: Type out the state name, or country name, and select from the options presented in the drop down menu.
U.S. DMA  and Zip CodeTargeting: Type out the state code (e.g. NY) or zip code and select from target options presented in the drop down menu.

*For any specific geo-targeting options, please reach out to for assistance.*

If your campaign has substantial, time-consuming targeting, you can export your settings for a later use in a future campaign. This a great feature to use if you want to save time and A/B test campaign changes.

When narrowing in your targets, we recommend a higher CPC to ensure your recommendations are prioritized within a more competitive environment.

Platform Targeting
You can also change your platform targeting under the same Targeting section on your Campaign Settings. Campaigns are automatically targeted to all platforms so you can reach more of your audience to the fullest extent of our network.
To add or remove platforms, check the boxes next to the devices you want to target or uncheck if you wish to exclude those platforms. You may select either Desktops, Tablets, Smartphones, or all three.

After you’ve made your changes, hit “Save” at the bottom of the screen to finalize the campaign’s new settings.

Need help navigating your settings? Our support team is here to assist. 


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