What if I see content that I don’t like serving in the widget?

If you see something that you don’t like or is a poor fit for your audience, you have several ways to control what gets displayed on your site:
  • Link Zapper - You can remove individual recommendations by clicking the red [x] that appears on the image in your widget. These red [x]’s are only visible to you. Please note that in order to use this feature, you must be logged into your Outbrain account
  • Keyword & Domain Blocking - From your Engage dashboard, you can use keyword and domain blocking to filter certain content. Click into “Filter Recs” on the left hand menu, and add the URL or keyword to control the content that’s being recommended on your widget.
  • Image Sensitivity - If you’d like to filter the images that are being displayed in your widget, please contact publishersupport@outbrain.com to have your image sensitivity level adjusted.