How can I install Outbrain's conversion pixel?

After receiving your account’s conversion pixel from either your Account Manager or Support Team member, there are two ways you can implement the conversion pixel: using Javascript code or an Image Pixel (see Samples below). Choose the implementation that works best for your site, and install it on the confirmation page (also known as the “Thank You” or “Success” page) after the user completes the action you’re tracking. Please install the tracking code exactly as-is to ensure proper functionality.

Javascript code:

Image pixel:

Can Outbrain’s pixel be installed within a Tag Manager / Universal Container Tag?
Yes! Many advertisers implement Outbrain’s code into a tag manager, such as Google Tag Manager. Just be sure to select the “Custom Image Tag” option for the image pixel or the "Custom HTML Tag"  for the Javascript pixel. For Google Tag Manager specifically, remove “http://” from the image pixel that you’re sent, and proceed with the below steps.

The example below depicts Javascipt implementation.

1. Click on Tags:

2. Click on New:

3. Enter a name for the Outbrain conversion tag:

4. Choose Custom HTML tag:

5. Paste the code of the tag you received from your account manager, check the "Support document write" checkbox and click on Continue:

6. Choose More Pages if you don’t have an existing trigger you want it to fire on (if you do just choose it):

7. Define the conversion page you want the conversion pixel to fire on:

8. Click Create Tag:

9. Publish the tag manager changes to apply the new tag:

That's it! Now, you can test to make sure you defined your trigger properly - if not you can debug with the GTM debugger.

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