How can I install Outbrain’s Pixel?

After receiving your pixel from our support team, you can add it to your site code on the confirmation page after a purchase is made or any call to action of choice. To implement it without altering the HTML of your pages, use Google Tag Manager

To install the pixel via Google Tag Manager, begin by clicking on “New Tag” in your Tag Manager account and select “Tag Configuration”. 

Head to the Custom Tag Type and Click “Custom HTML”

Paste the copied code into the box provided. 

Click on “Triggering” and set up your desired triggers. 

Rename the Tag and Click “Save.” 

You can then publish the tag, which will fire the pixel anytime the desired action occurs on your site. Make sure to also use our Outbrain Pixel Tracker to test the pixel fire and implementation. 

For any further questions, feel free to reach out to our helpful team at

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