How do I test Outbrain's Pixel?

After adding Outbrain's optimization code for tracking conversions, the next step is to test for functionality.

Getting Started

If you're using Chrome, navigate to View > Developer > Developer Tools

Then, select the Network tab after opening "Developer Tools"

If you're using Firefox, navigate to Tools > Web Developer > Network

Testing Your Implementation

Next, navigate to your conversion page on your open browser. When the page has fully loaded, search for "Track" within the Developer Tool's Network window.

In both Chrome, and Firefox, a 200 status code will mean that your pixel has successfully fired.

If your pixel is firing, then conversions will be logged in the "Campaigns" view of your dashboard, after a reader clicks your promoted Outbrain content, and completes the goal you've set.

If you do not see a status of “200”, check that the pixel is implemented correctly with no errors or extra spaces. If the code is implemented correctly and you’re still seeing issues, send the following info to or your account manager:
  • A screenshot of where you have placed the code on the page and any additional info (e.g. Is it placed in tag manager? Is it sent via a script? Is it hardcoded onto the page?)
  • A screenshot of the error status you’re seeing
  • The URL you’re trying to amplify
  • The point of conversion
  • The URL of the page the pixel is placed on
  • Any additional information on errors that occurred in testing the pixel
  • A copy of the pixel code that was provided to you

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