How do I target and view campaign performance by platform?

Amplifying your campaign on specific devices is crucial in determining which platform works best for your content. You can choose between Desktops, Tablets, or Smartphones. By default, our system selects all three platforms, so be sure to uncheck any that you don't want to target prior to saving.

GIF - By Platform Targeting (1)

There's more to targeting than devices! To learn more on how to customize your campaigns, check out this helpful article.

Once your campaign begins to collect data, you can break out metrics by platform. To do this, click on the By Platform option in the upper left-hand drop down menu. The visualizer will then plot the data by platform for the campaign and date range selected. You can view spend, clicks, and other metrics here.

GIF - By Platform Reporting

Monitoring which platform performs best for your campaign will give you deeper insight to how your readers are engaging with your content. 

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