[Video]: Campaign Set Up - Setting Your Budget and Duration

So you've already submitted the content that you'd like to promote. Now you need to decide how much you want to spend to promote your content and when the campaign should run. Watch our quick video to get an idea of how to set up your campaign for success. 

Daily budget: The beauty of Outbrain is that it's your content that dictates your results and not the size of your budget! The minimum daily budget you need to create a campaign on Outbrain is $20USD, 20EUR or 20GBP per day. You only pay for the clicks you accrue! So even if you set your daily budget to $20 USD and you only receive $5 USD worth of clicks for the day, you will only be charged $5 USD.

Cost per click (CPC): The number of clicks your content receives dictates how much you end up spending. This is decided when you set your Cost-per-click, or CPC during the campaign set-up process. For example, if you set your CPC to 50 cents, every time a reader clicks on a piece of content in your campaign, you will pay 50 cents.

Tip: We recommend that you start off your campaign with a high cost per click to allow our system to distribute your content throughout our network. Only after this initial "discovery" period is over (usually around 2 weeks), you can start to decrease for CPC gradually until you find your most efficient rate for the campaign.

How long should my campaign run?: Outbrain allows you to select both start and end dates for your campaign, or you can choose to have it begin as soon as it's approved and continue until you stop it. You're in control.

Tip: We recommend that you run your campaign for at least 3 weeks to allow our system to start to present your content to the most relevant audiences, which will optimize your campaign's performance.



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