Hg2 Increases App Downloads with Outbrain


A Hedonist’s guide to... (Hg2) publishes sophisticated independent travel guides from around the world. While creating great content is not a problem for Hg2, when it launched its iPhone app it wanted to target digitally-savvy iPhone users and so turned to Outbrain to help find and target this audience, via Outbrain Mobile.

Target iPhone users, using Hg2 content to raise awareness of, and increase downloads of the Hg2 app.

Hg2 worked with Outbrain to amplify some of its own, high-quality, editorial content that highlighted how the app could help travellers when abroad. The content had strong calls-to-action to prompt users to download the app should they want to.

Hg2 content was amplified over Outbrain’s network on a PPC basis, with Outbrain recommending the content to users who were most likely to be interested in it. Only users accessing content on their iPhones, rather than a desktop or other mobile device were shown the Hg2 content.

All content was mobile-optimised and headlines were targeted to- wards an iPhone audience e.g “Is this the must-have travel app of 2013?”and “From Almaty to Zurich in one beautiful app”. Users clicking on this content were already interested in understanding more about the iPhone app and therefore even more highly targeted.


  • Outbrain drove high volumes of users to the content.
  • After a 2 week period, over 17% of users went on to download the app.
  • Outbrain delivered 16,239 clicks to Hg2 content.


We had a specific remit – which was to target iPhone users to drive downloads of the app. Outbrain’s solution for mobile made perfect sense to achieve this and the hugely impressive results speak for themselves.

-Tremayne Carew Pole, Publisher & Founder, HG2

Hg2 and Outbrain




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