Sanebox Amplifies Product Reviews to Increase Customers

Sanebox is an email service that automatically filters and prioritizes your inbox, but when it came to their customer acquisition goals, the Sanebox team found they had a “filtering” problem of their own.

Their goal was to increase sign-ups for their free two-week trial and lower their cost per acquisition (CPA) at the same time.

Sanebox used Outbrain to seed third-party reviews of their product on publisher sites with more engaged, qualified audiences than those coming from their other channels. Outbrain would then “recommend” those articles to readers with a likely interest in them.

Sanebox discovered which articles were driving the most traffic to the homepage of their site, where a clear call to action to sign-up for a free trial is prominently displayed. Over time they optimized their campaign to drive even more traffic to the best- performing articles.


  • The strategy worked, producing 80-100 product trial conversions per day at their desired CPA.
  • Sanebox has amplified 40 product reviews and counting.

Outbrain has been our best channel as far as our customer acquisition goals are concerned. Compared to other channels, it’s night and day.
- Dmitri Leonov, Sanebox Founder & CEO


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