McDonald's Amplifies Positive Earned Media

When Yahoo! Sports ran a story on Super Bowl MVP Joe Flacco’s celebratory visit to a local McDonald’s in Baltimore, the iconic restaurant chain wanted to turn its excitement into a real-time marketing win with help from Outbrain.

Beginning in 2012, McDonald’s started using Outbrain to amplify trusted, positive media coverage, like previews of the Fish McBites introduced earlier this year and new low-calorie menu options to engaged audiences reading content on equally trusted publisher sites.

But McDonald’s began to see that even the stories it hadn’t planned for, like the newly-crowned Super Bowl MVP dropping by to commemorate his new contract, could be amplified in real-time to take advantage of relevant pop cultural moments for the brand and reach a wider audience with a positive message.

As part of McDonald’s overall PR strategy, Outbrain

  • has helped increase the reach of McDonald’s earned media by 10%
  • supports real time marketing opportunities
  • ​extends the life of media coverage

Outbrain is part of our PR arsenal now. We're not only able to use it strategically for earned media; we're using it opportunistically as well. We plan to do more this year.
- Molly McKenna, Director of Public Relations at MCDonald’s USA



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