How do I view conversions in my Outbrain Dashboard?

If you have implemented Outbrain’s conversion tracking code, and have received at least one conversion, you’ll be able to see your results upon logging in to your Outbrain account in the Campaigns view.

Select the view you’d like to view conversions and CPA by from the upper left drop-down menu, or, drill into a specific campaign’s content by clicking on the campaign name.

Depending on your KPIs, you may also add additional filters to supplement your conversion and CPA data. Click on the “Filter” button to the left of “Export”. Then, add any relevant KPIs and values in the Filters toolbar.

To save for later use/analysis, click on the “Export” option found on the top right of the data chart.

To learn more about conversion tracking with Outbrain, and how to get started, feel free to read this article next.

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