I am capping my budget each day - How can I optimize my campaign?

If you’re fulfilling your budget consistently, this is a great indication that there is both high demand for your campaign content, and also room to optimize towards value.

A few of these optimization options to consider are:
  1. Increase your budget. Adding more funds will give your campaigns more capacity for traffic, and by extent, more time to run in the day
  2. Lower your CPC. If you are capping your budget early in the day you may be able to lower your CPC so that more room can be made in your present budget for traffic.
  3. Consider geo-targeting. Perhaps you are getting a lot of international traffic. You may want to consider targeting specific countries if some are more valuable/relevant to your goals than others.
You may contact support@outbrain.com or your account manager if you have any questions about optimizing upon this dynamic.


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