How can I monitor my campaign status?

When viewing your dashboard, all of your campaign metrics will be housed under the "Campaigns" tab. The "Status" and "Delivery" columns will tell you if the campaign is running or not, as well as the reasoning behind it. 

Campaign Status

Play, pause or archive a campaign in the "Status' column. When pausing, the campaign will remain offline until you choose to change the status to “Play”. You can also select "Archive" if you no longer wish to display the campaign in your dashboard. 

  • An "Active" campaign will reflect a Play icon below the Status bar
  • A "Paused" campaign will reflect a Pause icon below the Status bar

Why is my campaign paused?

If you're unsure why your campaign is paused, check out the "Delivery" column. “Paused” delivery means that you have taken your campaign offline. If you wish to activate the campaign, you can do so by changing the Status to "Play"

Why is my campaign inactive?

An inactive status has many meanings. If you see that your campaign is inactive, this can mean that:
  • Your budget has capped
  • Your campaign has ended
  • Your content is under review
  • Your campaign has been rejected
  • There is a billing issue
  • There is an account issue

You can hover over the “!” icon next to the "Delivery" status to view a specific note about why the campaign is inactive. If you're still unsure why your campaign is not running, feel free to reach out to our amazing support team for more assistance. 


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