How many times will you show my paid links in one day?

This is actually completely up to you and your campaign goals.
We operate on $10 minimum daily budget which acts as the threshold for the most you're willing to spend in 1 day.
The CPC is where we're actually charging. You're able to set this to any rate you'd like ($0.03 is our minimum), and then we will charge according to the rate you've set, and the number of clicks accrued in that day (until you reach the budget threshold). This said, If your daily budget is $10, and your CPC is 0.50, you’ll receive 20 clicks before reaching your set $10 budget (if you only receive 1 click, we'll only charge 50 cents, regardless of the remaining budget).
The maximum traffic you'll get per day is a function of (Budget) / (CPC), so if your daily budget is $10 and you need 100 clicks per day, the CPC would have to be $0.10.

You can keep track of your impressions, clicks and spend (broken down either by budget, campaign, day, or month) via the "Campaigns" tab.


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