What is your pricing model?

Outbrain currently only offers a strictly Cost-per-Click, or CPC, pricing model. This means that you set an amount that you’re willing to pay for every click to your content.
For example, If you have a $25 campaign with a $0.45 CPC, this means you are willing to pay 45c for every click you get until you hit your $25 budget cap - so your maximum traffic potential is 56 clicks. You can always change your CPC depending on how well you’re performing.

Optimize your Outbrain budget
If you are fulfilling your daily budget early in the day, we recommend lowering your CPC 1-2 cents at a time to increase your traffic capacity and by extent the duration your campaign remains active. We suggest avoiding drastic CPC reductions since a poor CPC can cripple a campaign's performance and will cause greater hurdles for your campaign to succeed in the long run.

The benefits of a mobile campaign include a CTR per listing that is 60% higher than desktops, which can help you to optimize your CPC down faster. This is also another platform by which you can reach your audience. Email us at support@outbrain.com for more details.


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