What is Outbrain's pricing and billing model?

Outbrain's Pricing Model

Outbrain currently runs on a Cost-per-Click, or CPC, pricing model. This means that you will be charged by the number of clicks each campaign receives based on the CPC you set.
For example, if you have a $25 campaign with a $0.45 CPC, you'll be agreeing to pay $0.45 for every click until you hit your $25 budget cap. With this CPC, you can receive a maximum of 56 clicks. At any time, the CPC can be changed in your campaign settings depending on how well you're performing.

Once your budget has been reached, your content will no longer be distributed to our network of publisher sites. However, a reader can still click on your content that was served prior to the budget being fulfilled. As a result, you may be charged up to 20% more than your budget for clicks delivered during this time.
Outbrain's Billing Cycle
As the campaign spends, we will charge the account at specific intervals during the month. For example, if the threshold is $50, you will be charged when your campaign first passes the $50 spend mark. Thresholds are automatically set per account and will increase incrementally as your billing history expands. These charges help keep each account active and cannot be bypassed.

These amounts will then deducted from your final invoice. You can view your previous month's invoice by clicking the "Settings" tab in your account. Any remaining balance, after threshold charges have been applied, will be charged (if any) after the invoice is made available in your dashboard. 

If you have any question about your account’s charges, please feel free to reach out to our helpful support team.

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