Why am I not getting traffic?

Fulfilling your daily budget involves a variety of factors, so it may take some diagnosing on your part. The most important issues that tend to cause this are:


You want to ensure you start with an aggressive CPC as your CPC is a big determinant of how often your content gets shown to readers. When campaigns have too low of an initial CPC, the algorithms realize it’s not as competitive. Since your campaign performance depends on a combination of CPC and the quality of your content, you want to start on the best foot possible with a strong CPC and good content. Then, as you start to build a reputation in the system as highly-clickable content, you can afford to lower your CPC gradually. For help on selecting a strong CPC, we have you covered here.

Not Enough Content

If you only have one URL in your campaign, it is likely that your campaign won’t reach its daily budget (even with a strong CPC!) It’s often the case that campaigns reliant on one article suffer because when that article starts to decline in popularity, the algorithms will serve it less and less. Thus your campaign won’t fulfill its daily budget. We suggest adding more content to your campaign. Learn how to do this here! If you only want to promote one URL, you can add alternate titles for this URL to A/B test title performance in order to have several options in your campaign for the algorithms to test against each other. Adding multiple title is easy. With more content or alternate titles (or BOTH!), you are giving your campaign more chances at success! We recommend at least 5 URLs per campaign. 

Poor Titles

It’s important to remember that when a reader sees your recommendation in Outbrain widgets across our premium publishers, they only see the title and source name of the site you’re promoting. They have no other context. Therefore, titles must be understandable for the average reader who might not know what you’re about. For example, if you’re promoting a podcast, don’t title it “Episode 4 - The Amelia Show”. This doesn’t provide much to the reader about what is discussed on the podcast episode. Another example is if you have a blog where you have a Weekly Round Up, you’d want to create an alternate title for “Weekly Round Up - February 7th” to something more descriptive, enticing, and contextual. 

These are the three main reasons for lack of budget fulfillment. If you diagnose your campaigns and make the appropriate changes, you should see your daily budget being fulfilled shortly. If only it were that easy to fulfill our personal lives, right?

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