What is an ideal campaign duration?

No matter your budget, we always recommend running your campaign according to duration rather than lump sum. Of course, campaigns which deal with last minute PR should consider a lump sum approach to get the most outreach immediately.

Our best practice is a minimum 3 weeks for several reasons.
  • Our algorithms need time to explore your content to make sure that we find the perfect reader match, so the longer your flight dates, the better our network gets at finding your audience.
  • You'll have more time to optimize your CPC, since our network lets you bid less as your content gains popularity.
  • You’ll have more time to accumulate valuable data on which headlines or images work best for your respective KPIs. This can later be used as a benchmark for future campaigns.
You may set your duration during the campaign creation process with specific start and stop dates, or, you may select to run continuously (until you disable the campaign).


You may adjust your campaign scheduling through your Campaign Settings.


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