How do I add my content?

Outbrain provides you the option to submit either individual URLs or an RSS feed.
The RSS feed option can be used if you want to add all content from your site, allowing new posts to be fed into your campaign automatically. If you have specific articles you want to submit (and not every post on your site), or 3rd party content, you can select the “Add your URL(s)” option.

After pasting the links to your content into the URL fields, select “Add” to review your content’s default headline and image.
Below, you’ll be able to either change your headline/image, or create multiple variations to test effectiveness with your audience. We recommend adding at least 3-5 URLs and adding multiple variations for each, but if you’re only using one URL, then adding multiple variations is crucial for a successful campaign.
A. Select ‘Duplicate’ to begin creating multiple variations of your content’s headline and thumbnail image.

B. To add a new headline for the duplicate content, hover over the headline display and directly apply changes.

To add a new thumbnail, click the upload arrow below the default image.

You may select either an image file from your computer to upload or to add an image URL from the web.

After adding your headline/image variations, you’ll be able to proceed to planning your campaign’s settings, such as budgeting, run-time, tracking, and more.

You may also add additional content with multiple headlines and images any time after your campaign submission by clicking the "Add Content' button under the Campaigns view.

Be sure to also use our best practices infographic for creating the most effective headline and images.  


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