How do I add my content?

When setting up your first campaign, you will have the option to add in individual URLs or an RSS feed.
RSS Feeds are useful if you consistently produce content and would like to have it automatically added to your campaign. While it doesn't provide you the option to A/B test effectively, it is a great time saver for those on the go. 

If you have specific articles you want to submit (and not every post on your site),  you can select the “Add your URL(s)” option. Prior to saving, you will have the option to alter the headline and image of the content. 


You will also be able to duplicate the content and add in more variations. Do this by clicking the "Duplicate" button below the headline. 


After you have added in your content, click "Continue to Settings" to determine your CPC, budget and more. Please allow up to one business day for your campaigns and content to be reviewed. Keep in mind this can take longer over weekends and holidays. We always aim to get back to you as soon as possible because we're just as excited as you are to amplify your content! 

Still need help? Reach out to our awesome support team to receive further guidance. 


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