What kind of budget do I need to work with Outbrain?

Working with Outbrain, your content dictates success and not the size of your budget. To best serve different content strategies, Amplify supports a handful of budgeting options.

We offer:

A daily budget which can be set during the campaign set-up process, along with your other campaign attributes. This is our default budget type and represents the amount you're willing to spend per day. After having been fulfilled, your campaign will stop being actively recommended, and your budget will refresh the following day.
A monthly or total campaign budget can be set upon request. These represent spend over the course of a calendar month, or through any duration you've set for your campaign. With these budget types, our network will pace activity evenly until the end of the month, or from your respective starting date, to end date. On days with less activity, our network will compensate by rolling over surplus budget and evenly distribute spend through your remaining duration.

Check out this quick video to learn more. 


You may contact the Outbrain support team, or your dedicated account manager if you would like to have your budgeting set up.



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