How many times will I be charged each month?

Outbrain charges regularly as an account passes spend thresholds (e.g. If the threshold is $10, you are charged when your campaign first passes the $10 spend mark). Thresholds are automatically set per account, country, and currency, and will increase incrementally as a charge history is built. These charges help to keep accounts up-to-date on spend activity, and cannot be bypassed.
An invoice will be generated at the beginning of every month, and may be used for accounting purposes. This will reflect the total itemized spend of the prior month’s activity, inclusive of any threshold charges. The remaining account balance, after threshold charges have been applied, will be charged upon to close the month’s invoice.
e.g. You are charged $10, then $50, then $300 within a given month as you pass each threshold,
and your total spend is $400. Your invoice will reflect $400, and you’ll receive a final charge of $40

If you have any question about your account’s charges, please feel free to reach out to Outbrain’s support team.


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