Can I track conversions on my Outbrain traffic?

Conversion tracking may be used to track users that were referred from your promoted Amplify content, to your site.
What types of conversions can Outbrain track?
Many advertisers track their customers’ actions using our conversion pixel. Some advertisers track leads (e.g., white paper or PDF downloads, form completions, email sign-ups, etc.) while other advertisers track online sales. Advertisers can also track length of time on page, slideshow counts, and video player views.
What are the benefits of using Outbrain’s conversion code vs. other third party tracking?
By installing the Outbrain conversion pixel, you will have more visibility into your customers' purchase funnel and can optimize accordingly. For example, you can see which publishers and headlines are driving the most conversions. You can also track when the conversions took place, and how long it took from initial click to conversion.
How does the pixel work?
When a reader clicks on an Outbrain link, we drop a cookie on the browser. After the pixel is installed, it will only fire on the actions that match our cookie data. This means that Outbrain tracks from the initial Outbrain click to the conversion, as long as the conversion happens within our 60-day cookie window.
How do I get the pixel?
Contact or your account manager and they will send you your conversion pixel.

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