How can I change my user settings?

Whether you're trying to update your password, username or give access to multiple users, we can help.
If you have trouble logging in, we recommend clicking the "Forgot Password" button on the sign-in page, which will allow you to update your existing password.

If you wish to change the main email address for the account, you can do so after you have set up a new password. Click the drop-down menu next to your username on the upper right corner of your dashboard. Select "User Settings" to add a new email address (or password ) for the account. 

At this time, usernames cannot be changed, so we highly encourage creating an account with a username that represents your company. You can, however, add several people to the account, so that they can also manage and set up campaigns. Each additional user can create a username and email us with the account name they wish to be tagged to. 

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